Agenctrack Quick Start Guide

Welcome to AgencyTrak Pro. This guide will get you started for using the Agenctrack application.

Ø       Create a New Agency

Ø       Invite a New Agency User

Ø       Invite New Freelancers

Ø       Create a New Customer

Ø       Create a New Job

Ø       Invite Freelancers to Created Job

Ø       Jobs Status Change Process

Create a New Agency


To Create a new agency Click Here. and submit registration form, you will receive an invitation mail from Agenctrak after submitting this form. The invitation mail contains a link where you can choose a username and password. Once you get into the application you have to fill the other business information.

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Invite a New Agency User


To Invite a New Agency user, go to the Agency Info Tab -> Users Tab. You will see Invite New User panel on the right side of the agency user grid. Fill the required information and submit the form.

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Invite New Freelancers


To Invite new freelancers, go to the Freelancers Tab -> All Our Freelancers Tab . you will see Invite New Freelancers panel on the right side of the freelancers information grid. Fill the Required information and submit the form.

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Create a New Customer


To create a new customer, go to the Customers & Clients Tab . You will see Create New Customer Panel on the right side of the Customer Information grid. Fill the required information and submit the form.

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Create a New Job


To create new Job, go to the Jobs Tab -> New/Open Tab -> click on Insert New button . You will get a job-entry form where you have to fill out the the job information.

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Invite Freelancers to Created Jobs


To invite the freelancers to created Jobs, follow these steps: select Jobs Tab -> New/Open Tab -> click on job_id (Job # column)of a particular job.Then you will see a list of freelancers in a grid, then select the desired freelancers by selecting the respective checkboxes and then click on the Offer To Selected button.

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Jobs Status Changing Process

When a job status changes, freelancers are immediately notified via the email chosen in their profile. Tip: After changing a status, make sure to "tab" over. When the date/time stamp changes, you know that the status has been updated.


Ø       Offered : The first automatic status all freelancers are in when they are requested/offered a Job. Job remains in Offered status until all freelancers have changed from this status. Jobs are NOT filled until ALL freelancers invited are no longer in the "Offered" status. (Either decline, recall, cancel, etc.)

Ø       New/Open : All new jobs entered by either the Agency or Customer

Ø       Not yet Filled : Job has been offered and is currently in offered status by either one or more freelancers..

Ø       Filled : This status is automatically generated when all freelancers that were offered the job are no longer in "Offered" status. (Ex: If you select 3 freelancers for a job, but only 2 has accepted or no longer in the offered status, the job would not move to Filled status until the last freelancer is no longer in Offered status.)

Ø       Accept/Decline : These statuses allow your Freelancers the opportunity to respond to your offer. It does not assign them to any particular job. Just notifies the Agency of interest or non-interest. Note: A freelancer is unable to decline a job once they have been confirmed. They will need to notify the agency of disinterest.

Ø       Confirmed: This status is automatically generated when a freelancers is accepted the job. When confirming a freelancer, agency must change the status to ACCEPTED first, then CONFIRMED. If not, you may experience status changing issues.
Note: Freelancers do not get full details of the job, until their status has been changed to "Offered".

Are you aware, your agency can set your platform to automatically confirmed the first freelancers that accepts?

Ø       Completed : This status is only available to the Freelancer after they have been confirmed for the job. Freelancer has completed the job and is ready for invoicing. Agency can change status to complete at any time.

Ø       Pending Invoice : Agency has checked the Ready to Invoice box. Once this is checked, the job is docked in the pending invoice status ready to create invoice template.

Ø       Cancelled : Job has been cancelled by agency (Only the Agency can cancel a job). Please note: Once you select this status, AgencTRAK will update all freelancers to cancelled status automatically. Note: Your freelancers can bill for cancelled jobs.

Ø       Invoiced : This status is automatically generated when the job has been completed and invoice generated. (Only the agency can invoice the customer. Freelancers can only invoice their agency).


Note: The customer does not have any capabilities to change a status of a job. They can only view their jobs in each status.

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